i said hello he said goodbye.

aight, time to be a good little fashion blogger and make some sort of commentary on resort ‘010…

sike! i’m FAR too lazy to do such a thing for my non-existent readership. just read her commentary on phillip lim and hers on christopher kane. basically, my thoughts exactly. 

but there is one thing i will discuss…

14mi must find whatever genius fashion-stylist-god-extraordinaire put this outfit together. because they CUFFED. A. SKIRT. i be wildin right about now.

ok so rewind. you need to understand, i cuff absolutely everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. t-shirts, my old school uniform blouse, blazers, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, sweaters…seriously. it’s kind of “my thing.” even my polo shirt for work i’m wearing right now is cuffed.

so yeah, needless to say, i will be attempting to pull off the skirt cuff once this horrible month of rain clears and it actually feels like summer. holla.


also, far too lazy to hunt down a way to embed this song. but yeah. listen to it.

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so i’m leaving you with these three words…yes, yes y’all.

worn to a night of mayhem in koreatown and the ues.


navy pencil skirt h&m; geometric tank urban outfitters; neon yellow tank h&m; glasses nordstrom; studded belt h&m; sparrow necklace urban outfitters.

hah! how mall rat of me.


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i just lost 100 bucks betting it all against love.

first outfit post. TOLD YA I WOULD. ok, so i decided to do it a little bit differently than the usual self-timer/mirror shots. yeah, it probably defeats the purpose of an OUTFIT post but, whatevs. i’ve said before i see fashion as art so hey! why not take that super-literally and turn my clothes into still lifes? ya dig?

seriously, let me know what you think! (of both the oufit AND the layout)

now with that said, here goes nothing…

outfitpost1worn to a graduation party. kinda love fuschia and turquoise, yes? and yeah, if you can’t tell, my favoritefavoriteFAVORITE things in the whole world are tribal and geometric inspired. the skirt was a nice little find on a mall trip, the shoes i got for my shorter-than-me prom date’s sake and have barely taken them off since (lemme get dat subtle print-on-gold action WHAT WHAT), and the turquoise necklace was the first thing i bought on my trip to europe last summer. just putting it on brings back memories of all the heat and energy and colors of the crowded alley in the town i bought it in. take me back? k thanks. as for my little friend the lion, he was the one and only fruit of my labors at my first flea market trip in brooklyn! 12 bucks, not bad but probably not the best. i was just too darn scurrrred to haggle. but over all, fleaing was a muy fantastico experience and i will definitely be back once i start my summer job and get dat ca$hflow. i mean, hand-cut one-of-a-kind jewelry for under $15? uh, please sir, can i have some more? my favorite stand by far was funky fanny’s vintage clothing and goodies. everyone working there was super nice and helpful and everything was on sale for 10 bucks. basically heartbroken i didn’t have more money to spend there, but i will definitely be hitting it up again, sale or not.

fuschia and black printed high-waisted skirt forever 21; gold geometric sandals dolce vita; gold and turquoise bangles jcrew and anthropologie; white wifebeater hanes; turquoise triangle necklace souvenir shop in sicily; gold lion lasso-type necklace brooklynflea.

adorable vid for one of my summer jamZ below. i’m getting more into electronic lately. enjoy!

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to me, punk rock means encouraging bikes not cars.

dear sweet lawd in heaven i haven’t posted in forevahz!

and just as i started getting some view and comments too, le tragic. blame on the a-a-a-a-ADD…and maybe the fact that i had promenade and graduation and grad party shenanigans up the wazoo. WHADDYAGONNADOBOUTIT?

anyways, i’m back bitcheSz and i’ve got a longer, potential outfit post in the works. GASP.

but before that, i’ve decided i’m off to brooklyn flea on saturday! and yes i know it’s thuper expenthive and the nyc flea scene is so played out and blah blah blah but i figured what the hell, it’s been ages since i’ve seen some of my brooklynite friends and i’ve been in the mood to escape suburbia and hit up a “scene” as of late. there you go.

so yeah, heeelp! true life: i’m a flea virgin. bueller, anyone…suggestions, comments, tips about brooklyn flea? or brooklyn in general? my bk experiences are limited to obsessively, repeatedly reading “a tree grows in brooklyn” when i was 14, mah daps and luv for mgmt (no matter how mainstream they get) and the overwhelming amount of brooklyn-based bands and rappers on mah pod (someone please tell why i’m SO incredibly kewl?), and a few late night drunken exploits in park slope.

muchos gracias y’all. get@me.

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now with that in mind…

i need t-shirt dresses.

because it will do wonders for my wardrobe, or i’ll cry.

i need t-shirt dresses so i can make things like this,


i need t-shirts dresses so i can put together outfits like this and this.

just get me some, promise?

ok now everybody take some rubbers.


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mall people, come and go.

so much propz if you know what movie that’s from, my dear, sweet, non-existent readers.

if you haven’t guessed already, i went to the suburban phenomenon that is the local mall with my mom today. it was great, because  i haven’t been shopping in forever and i’ve been sick and haven’t left my house in a few days and me and my mom got along great for once. but at the same time, it was absolutely tortuous because, like i said before, i haven’t been shopping in forever and OH YEAH i’m dead broke. and it’s well, a MALL, so there’s that too.

so why would i ever put myself through the herculean task of going to the mall without a cent to my name? well, i had to get shoes for my (catholic, traditional, all-girl) school’s graduation. as it turns out, piece o’ cake in theory, impossible in practice. seriously, CIA, listen up.  screw that whole “waterboarding” thing. you want suspected terrorists to talk? give them the task of finding decent-looking, white shoes appropriate for june weather that fit my school’s dress code requirements and they’ll be singing like birds before you can even hit them with the “no sandals” rule.

i did come out of the whole debacle with a sick pair of zara banana heels (think white pebbled leather and triangle cutouts, vair nice) but make no mistake, i went certifiably insane in the process.

you see, i’ve had marc by marc jacobs on the brain lately because i’m begging my parents to get me a faridah bag as my graduation present and they are, GASP, considering it. so basically, i found myself in the shoe department, NO white shoes in sight, instead stroking a pair of miss marc flats cooing, “who loves you marcymarc? i do…mama does.” people were staring. it was bad. and then i proceeded to have a one-sided conversation with a bow haus necklace that went something along the lines of…”and what are you you big silly? are you a necklace? oh yes you are! you are a necklace! a very very cute necklace! oh let’s try you on. oooh you are very cool-looking. i wish i had money for you, you’re on sale! i’ll be back for you!” 

so yeah, there’s that.


after that i obviously hit up urban outfitters as well because, let’s face it, they’re overpriced but they stock good shit for HiP tEEnz lykeee mahself. i didn’t do much shopping (see above) but i was endlessly entertained by the attitudes of the salespeople at my local uo. yeah, they (barely) dress the part in their  buffalo plaid with their piercings and whatnot but their fake tans and dark roots do not tell lies. things like that manage to, quite ironically, show their true colors. and face it you high-maintenance salesfolk, the “underground” things you sell for minimum wage is mass-produced, when it comes down to it. you ain’t that cool, youz just a ho fo da man, sistah.

Urban Outfittersnotice the congregation of suits in the right corner. what is that, a corporate retreat? point proven. ZOMG I AM SO EDGY.

lastly, i’d like to take a moment to honor a fallen brother. that’s right, j.crew is stocking my precious neon. and i mean, i’m not saying i’m gonna stop wearing it just because of this fact cause that’d be so completely adolescent of me but still, whenever i rock my neon pink bikini top under all of my clothes (which i do so frequently some might consider it worrisome) it WILL be in the back of my head that in some far-off, magical land better known as Connecticut, a soccer mom is the envy of all her stepford wife-y friends because she is rocking the cutting-edge “Patent Leather Headband” in the same color that she bought for $16.50.

liya jcrew neonat least liya enjoyed shooting the ad campaign. ah, small comforts.

hope you enjoyed my nonsensical, sleep-deprived but lyke TOTALLY ground-breaking, biting social commentary.

once again, I AM SO EDGY ZOMG.

the end.

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come down from the mountain, you have been gone too long.

“ragged wood” by fleet foxes is my life right now. it’s good, because i’ve been feeling super creative and inspired, but weird, because i’ve also been feeling super antisocial.  like today, i woke up at 3pm (can i be any more of a stereotypical teenager? don’t answer that.)  to the sound of rain and my phone beeping due to the 7 missed calls from  the friends i had plans with. and naturally, what is my solution? to make chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, (i eat breakfast no matter what time i get up) rack my brain for my latest post and expand my blog horizons. currently i’m reading tavi’s archives and the work of some other lovely ladies my age. as of right now i feel a little self-conscious about my sad excuse for a blog, and vastly inferior to most of the people whose stuff i’ve been reading but i’m hey, at least i’m trying.

more to come later kids, but right now i’ve got episodes of skins to watch online, jack kerouac to read, canvases to paint, and more calls to ignore. ohhhh summer 09…

Cassie-Screencaps-S1E9-cassie-skins-1076398_400_225i’m only just finishing up skins season one but god, i love cassie. i really do. she’s fabulous AND out of her mind. honestly, does it get any better than that? no. no it does not. and actually now that i think about, awesome and mentally unstable…coincidence? i think not. i’ve always believed that to do something truly great, you’ve got to be at least a little nuts.

and yeah, if you haven’t already figured it out, i kind of love them. deh.

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